Tradiry is an online trading journal, which helps to track, analyse and view your trades.

“If you show me a trader having a good trading journal, I’ll show you a successful one.”

As in any business, it’s important to keep track and to monitor the performance indicators in trading. A good trading journal will help you to learn from your mistakes instead of stepping on the same rake.

You can use our online trading journal for any markets.

At the moment the mobile app is in the private testing stage and only limited number of users is able to access it. The release is planned for the end of March, 2021.

Yes, you can transfer the history of your account deposits/withdraws on your own. However we strongly advice you NOT to keep the logins and passwords to your trading accounts in our system.

Yes. Currently we are support MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and cTrader platforms. More platforms will be added soon. Also, you can contact us to add your broker or platform.

Tradiry Trading Journal available as Free with some limitations and Premium with all features. You may learn more on the pricing page.

We don’t offer a refund yet. But you can create a free account and try our features. No Debit or Credit Card needed.

Yes, the basic version of the trading journal will always be free.

Yes, you can be sure that you’ll continue to use the trading journal after beta-testing and the data will be safe.

The Tradiry Trading Journal runs on Digital Ocean cloud computing services. All your connections are securely encrypted. Data is backed up in multiple regions to guarantee the availability of your information at any time.

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